Through the time. Nostalgic walks through the disappearing cultural landscape

Viktor Dynnikov, Gleb Vyatkin, Petr Zverkhovsky, Aron Bukh, Vladimir Babin, Valery Lukka
The Central House of Artists
01 - 22 06.2014

About this exhibit

Together with art-galleries Ars Longa, ArtRa and EXPO-88 we are pleased to present the works of Viktor Dynnikov, Gleb Vyatkin, Peter Zverkhovsky, Aron Buh, Vladimir Babin and Valery Lukka in the exhibition project “Through the Time. Nostalgic walks through a disappearing cultural landscape.”

The exhibition presents works by six artists from different cities of Russia – Moscow, Volgograd, Vladimir and St. Petersburg. Each of them is self-sufficient, each has an established creative style. All of them are the older generation of modern Russian artists who have received professional art education of the highest level. All of them were not treated kindly by the authorities, but they were not ardent nonconformists either. All of them worked hard “to the table”, not even hoping that someone would ever need their art. All of them have always been free.And it is quite natural that fame has found them, that the uniqueness of their view of the world has become exactly what is needed.

Opening of the exhibition: June 1, 2014



Valery Lukka
Valery Lukka
Victor Dynnikov
Victor Dynnikov
Aron Buch
Aron Buch


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Exhibition partners

  • Arslonga Gallery
  • ArtRa Gallery
  • Expo-88 Art Gallery