Charitable Art Foundation

Seven Winds

A non-profit charitable organization registered on May 11, 2011 in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
Tax Num. 3443104029 / Reg. Num. 1113400001770 / Reg. Code 344401001

The Foundation

The Seven Winds Charitable Art Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Artists and Talented Youth was created on the initiative of art collector and philanthropist Nikolai Evgenyevich Malygin.

Since 2011, the Seven Winds Foundation has been conducting exhibition, publishing, educational and organizational activities in Russia and abroad aimed at achieving the only goal formulated by the founder of the foundation as follows: “We must do everything to ensure that talented Russian artists become known all over the world.

The Seven Winds Foundation has organized and held more than 40 exhibitions, including exhibitions in state museums of fine arts and private galleries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Volgograd and other Russian cities. We have published several art albums and filmed a movie.

The collection of the Seven Winds Foundation includes several thousand pieces by Russian artists, including works by Boris Messerer, Mikhail Shemyakin, Pyotr Zverkhovsky, Alexander Florensky, Nikolai Gushchin, Valentin Yustitsky, Gleb Vyatkin, Evgeny Chubarov, Vladimir Favorsky, Stanislav Azarov, Nikolai Arzhanov, Zaven Arshakuni Boris Glubokov, Alexander Zverev, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagina, Elena Sivishkina, Olga Pluzhnikova, Mikhail Tikhonov, Elena Utenkova, Igor Kamyanov, Nadezhda Krestinina, Irina Zatulovskaya, Yulia Kartoshkina, Sergei Belousov, Maria Ivanova and other artists.

Our foundation provides constant support to contemporary Russian artists in promoting their creative work in Russia and other countries – in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the USA, China and Finland.

A special area of our activity is popularization of contemporary Russian art through the organization of art exhibitions and projects in small towns of the Russian Federation.


Board of Trustees

Ekaterina Lapina
Ekaterina Lapina
Nikolay Fomin
Nikolay Fomin
Larisa Bukhtoyarova
Larisa Bukhtoyarova

Our former colleagues

All art projects, exhibitions and editions of our foundation have become possible thanks to the creative and often selfless contributions of many people - both our current colleagues and former ones. We are pleased to introduce the people who contributed to our exhibition projects, art albums, films and many other wonderful things.

Irina Starodumova
Irina Starodumova
Petr Tarashenko
Petr Tarashenko
Anton Valkovsky
Anton Valkovsky

Our Partners

Exhibitions, publication of art research albums and many other projects of our foundation have become possible thanks to creative collaboration with our partners. We are very happy about what we have already managed to do together and are open to new contacts.

  • Goodray Production
  • Volgograd State Mashkov Art Museum
  • The National Pushkin Museum
  • Arslonga Gallery
  • ArtRa Gallery
  • Think+Feel Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Open Club Art Gallery
  • Expo-88 Art Gallery
  • Erarta Gallery
  • Saratov State Radishchev Art Museum
  • LOFT1890 Creative Business Space
  • Multifabrika
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral of Kamyshin
  • Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing
  • Glass Financial Company