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Modern and Contemporary Russian Art of the XX-XXI centuries

About our collection

The art collection of the Seven Winds Foundation began to form in the early 2000s and includes now more than three and a half thousand works of Russian artists different generations. The main part of the collection consists of works by artists of the last quarter of the XX – early XXI centuries (post-Cubism, Impressionism, new realism and neo-primitivism). The separate parts of the collection are the works of Soviet artists and artists of the Russian abroad of the 30-50 years of the XX century (Kuznetsov, Gushchin, Justitsky) and early works of independent artists of the sixties (Shemyakin, Messerer).

The main principle of the collection’s formation is the consistent following  the main lines of modernism revelation in painting and graphics by Russian artists during the second half of the XX century, that led to the formation of a characteristic Russian aesthetic (sub-) culture of the beginning of the XXI century – in its most vivid and original manifestations.

The Seven Winds Foundation Art Collection has several locations (Volgograd, St. Petersburg, Kamyshin, Moscow and Alicante) and is constantly used both in the foundation’s own exhibition projects and expositions of third-party institutions (MMOMA, Radishchev Museum, Mashkov Museum, Pushkin Museum, Open Club Gallery, etc.). Our collection is available for research works of art curators and art critics by special arrangement.


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For more information about the art collection of the foundation, artists and their works, you can contact the staff or art curators of the Seven Winds Foundation.