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Pocket exhibition

New series of mini-etchings by Stanislav Azarov [April 2022]
  • Stanislav Azarov. Mother (2022)
    No Name
    Mother (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Angel (2022)
    No Name
    Angel (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Spectator (2022)
    No Name
    Spectator (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm
  • Stanislav Azarov. Shooter (2022)
    No Name
    Shooter (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Hunting (2022)
    No Name
    Hunting (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Singer (2022)
    No Name
    Singer (2022)
    etching, 10x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Refugees (2022)
    No Name
    Refugees (2022)
    etching, 9x10cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Fallen (2022)
    No Name
    Fallen (2022)
    etching, 10x9cm.
  • Stanislav Azarov. Meeting (2022)
    No Name
    etching, 9x10cm.




Films, fragments, spots & video art.

  • Stas Azarov's Artbook #5Stas Azarov's Artbook #5
    Stas Azarov's Artbook #5
  • Gleb Vyatkin. Graphics and sketchesGleb Vyatkin. Graphics and sketches
    Gleb Vyatkin. Graphics and sketches
  • Stas Azarov's Artbook #6Stas Azarov's Artbook #6
    Stas Azarov's Artbook #6
  • Peter Zverkhovsky. A documentaryPeter Zverkhovsky. A documentary
    Peter Zverkhovsky. A documentary
  • Gleb Vyatkin. Album 2014Gleb Vyatkin. Album 2014
    Gleb Vyatkin. Album 2014
  • Stanislav Azarov. LandscapeStanislav Azarov. Landscape
    Stanislav Azarov. Landscape
  • Animation of painting by Petr ZverkhovskyAnimation of painting by Petr Zverkhovsky
    Animation of painting by Petr Zverkhovsky
  • Interview with Petr Zverkhovsky / VESTI (24.02.2013)Interview with Petr Zverkhovsky / VESTI (24.02.2013)
    Interview with Petr Zverkhovsky / VESTI (24.02.2013)

Our Partners

Exhibitions, publication of art research albums and many other projects of our foundation have become possible thanks to creative collaboration with our partners. We are very happy about what we have already managed to do together and are open to new contacts.

  • Think+Feel Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Volgograd State Mashkov Art Museum
  • The National Pushkin Museum
  • Arslonga Gallery
  • Open Club Art Gallery
  • Erarta Gallery
  • Expo-88 Art Gallery
  • Saratov State Radishchev Art Museum
  • LOFT1890 Creative Business Space
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral of Kamyshin
  • Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing
  • Goodray Production
  • Level 18 Art Gallery
  • Glass Financial Company
  • Multifabrika
  • Infokam News Agency
  • Department of Culture of the Volgograd region