Nikolai Gushchin. Return.

  • L. Pashkova
Nikolay Guschin. The Return
Nikolai Gushchin. Return.. Book cover
Nikolai Gushchin. Return.
  • L. Pashkova
(Ed.). Orion, Saratov, 2015, 24 pp., paper book.

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Catalog of the exhibition of works by Nikolai Gushchin from the collections of the Radishchev Museum and N. E. Malygin in the Pavel Kuznetsov House-Museum (Saratov).

The life of Nikolai Gushchin (1888-1965) is full of tragic events and deep loneliness, his fate is like a legend and some facts of his biography and life vicissitudes can be learned only from the memories and retellings of his contemporaries. There are many cities on the world map with which his name is associated: Perm, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Harbin, Paris, Monte Carlo, Saratov. The exhibition is devoted to only one chapter of the amazing fate of a remarkable artist – the period of emigration and return to his homeland.

The catalog includes 23 color reproductions, an introduction article by art historian Lyudmila Pashkova and 9 photographs.


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Ludmila Pashkova
Ludmila Pashkova