12 months

T-ART by Vladislav Koval
Художественная галерея Камышинского историко-краеведческого музея
20.10. - 19.11. 2007

About this exhibit

On the initiative of Nikolai Evgenievich Malygin, an exhibition of unusual paintings by the famous Volgograd artist Vladislav Koval will be held in the Kamyshin Art Gallery.

Residents of Kamyshin will be presented with a transforming polyptych consisting of twelve canvases made in the author’s technique, which the artist himself calls T-ART. The parts of the polyptych can be rotated by 90 and 180 degrees, that make out of them a variety of compositions and every time let us experience new visual sensations.

The exposition will be presented to the public by the author himself and art critic Lyubov Yakhontova.

  • Concept: No Name
  • Art curator: No Name

Exhibition partners

  • Glass Financial Company
  • ArtRa Gallery