Alexandr Florensky

Exhibition and meeting with artists
19 - 30 04.2017

About this event

In the cozy and hospitable LOFT1890, a small exhibition of the founder of the St. Petersburg Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing, Alexander Florensky, has been launched.

Alexander Florensky is one of the organizers of the group “Mitki”, which became a bright subcultural phenomenon of the Leningrad, St. Petersburg, and then the international art scene, the author of illustrations for the cult three-volume book by Sergei Dovlatov, a participant of the “Russian-Poor” project and the founder of the “Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing”. Since 1994, together with Olga Florenskaya, he has been working on large-scale projects: “Movement towards ЙЫЕ”, “Russian Patent”, “Local Time”, “Mobile Bestiary”, “Russian Trophy”, “Universal Wilhelm Winter Museum” etc.

Since 2011, Alexander Florensky has been creating a series of visual studies of different cities and geographical locations. Following the “Jerusalem alphabet”, “Tbilisi alphabet”, “Petersburg alphabet” and “Voronezh alphabet”, the artist releases the “Montenegrin Alphabet”. Each alphabet consists of 33 letters (Montenegrin – of 30) and contains illustrations of significant places of cities – in accordance with the letter of the alphabet.

Ten Florensky lithographs from the Montenegrin series will be available at our exhibition for close viewing until April 30th.

  • Concept: No Name


Alexandr Florensky
Alexandr Florensky
Alexandr Florensky

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