Jack of Diamonds

Post Scriptum
ВМИИ им. И.Машкова
05.03. - 28.04. 2013

About this exhibit

An (very) experimental exhibition project, the main idea of which is to combine the heritage of masters from the famous artistic group “Jack of Diamonds” with the artworks of contemporary Volgograd artists Gleb Vyatkin and Peter Zverkhovsky on a thoughtful purple background (PANTONE 2627C).

The DNA of the Jack of Diamonds Artistic Movement is woven from many “acids” of the artistic world of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, and Fauvism plays an important role in this interweaving. Fauvism, according to Matisse’s apt expression, is “when there is a red color.” The spectral-time lag we have chosen for this project leads us from the red to the purple color of the wall at the most iconic work from the first Jack of Diamonds exhibition of 1910.

The circle closes – there’s pourpre foncé and the works of artists from two edges of one (and already forever past) twentieth century on this background.

Welcome to the exhibition!

  • Art curator: No Name