Dialogue between the artist and literature

Graphics by Valentin Yustitsky from the Seven Winds Foundation Сollection
Volgograd State Mashkov Museum
24.09. - 19.10. 2015

About this exhibit

The Seven Winds Charitable Art Foundation and the Volgograd Mashkov Museum of Fine Arts present the exhibition project “Dialogue: Artist – Book”. The exposition is based on a collection of graphic illustrations created by Russian artists in the 1930s-1980s. The exhibition presents more than 100 illustrations by various artists from the collection of the Mashkov Museum (V. Favorsky, A.Goncharov, A. Samokhvalov, K. Rudakov, G. Epifanov, Yu. Petrov, Kukryniksy, F.Konstantinov) and the set of graphics by Valentin Justitsky from the collection of the Seven Winds Foundation – as a “project within a project” called “Take a new page, you boys, and you girls …”

The exhibition demonstrates a variety of creative personalities, approaches, graphic techniques (ink, watercolor, charcoal, woodcut, lithography, etching, linocut, etc.). A number of works are being demonstrated for the first time.

  • Art curator: No Name

Exhibition partners

  • Volgograd State Mashkov Art Museum