30 April 2017

Kamyshin Plain-Air 2017

Exhibition Opening in Saratov

The exhibition “Kamyshin plein-air” opened today in the Pavel Kuznetsov house-museum (Saratov). This year’s Kamyshin plein-air project was attended by artists from the “Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing” – Alexander Florensky, Masha Ivanova and Yulia Kartoshkina. The works presented at the exhibition were created by the artists literally the day before – during a ten-day plein-air session, organized by our foundation from April 20 to April 30 in three consecutive locations – Volgograd, Kamyshin and Saratov. 

The opening of the exhibition was held in a friendly / informal atmosphere (as always) and fascinating communication between artists, employees of the Saratov Radishchev Museum, the president of our foundation and the public. Everything was spring-like fresh and cheerful. Much of this event and exposition resembled another (long-past) exhibition called “0,10”, at which Olga Rozanova, Ksenia Boguslavskaya and Kazimir Malevich presented their works in Petrograd in 1915.

The exhibition will last until mid-May and is recommended for visiting by anyone who happens to be in Saratov or nearby at this time.