30 April 2017

Kamyshin Plain-Air 2017

Exhibition Opening in Saratov

The exhibition “Kamyshin plein-air” opened today in the Pavel Kuznetsov house-museum (Saratov). This year’s Kamyshin plein-air project was attended by artists from the “Society of Lovers of Painting and Drawing” – Alexander Florensky, Masha Ivanova and Yulia Kartoshkina. The works presented at the exhibition were created by the artists literally the day before – during a ten-day plein-air session, organized by our foundation from April 20 to April 30 in three consecutive locations – Volgograd, Kamyshin and Saratov. 

The opening of the exhibition was held in a friendly / informal atmosphere (as always) and fascinating communication between artists, employees of the Saratov Radishchev Museum, the president of our foundation and the public. Everything was spring-like fresh and cheerful. Much of this event and exposition resembled another (long-past) exhibition called “0,10”, at which Olga Rozanova, Ksenia Boguslavskaya and Kazimir Malevich presented their works in Petrograd in 1915.

The exhibition will last until mid-May and is recommended for visiting by anyone who happens to be in Saratov or nearby at this time.

This information cannot be shown at this time for technical reasons. We are already working to make it all good again.