2 August 2017


Vladimir Nazansky's curatorial tour

A meeting was held at Pavel Kuznetsov’s house-museum with Vladimir Nazansky, curator of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and one of the creators of the SPb.Graphics.RU exhibition, which is currently taking place in Saratov and has become part of the Russia in Erarta large-scale traveling exhibition project.

Vladimir Nazansky conducted a special curatorial tour of the exhibition and spoke about the life and creative path of contemporary St. Petersburg graphic artists, about the work of contemporary art museums and the Russia in Erarta project, and the St. Petersburg Graphic Triennial project, and answered questions from visitors.. The event was attended by the President of the Seven Winds Foundation Nikolai Malygin, the head of the house-museum of P. Kuznetsova Olga Belskaya and employees of the Saratov Radishchev Museum.