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Started on 24.01.2022
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Stanislav Azarov ArtbookProject poster
Stanislav Azarov 's Artbook. Project poster

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Publication of Stanislav Azarov's album No. 5 facsimile with accompanying essay.

Stanislav Azarov’s albums (or art books) are cipher books and the fate books of his entire work. The spots in these albums become drawings (sometimes watercolors or multi-layered mixed media), the images and plots from this albums are the ground for a series of his etchings and paintings. That’s a core thing.

We will publish a facsimile of one of these albums (the number five) an now we are engaged in scanning, color correction, layout and calculation of all unavoidable expenses. As soon as these costs are calculated, we will immediately inform you, because this should be a crowdsourcing project (what we have never done before). We hope for your support!


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Denis Ozirchenko
Denis Ozirchenko
Denis Ozirchenko

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