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Elena Sivishkina. Paintings.

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Elena Sivishkina. PaintingsAlbum Cover
Elena Sivishkina. Paintings.. Book cover
Elena Sivishkina. Paintings.
  • N.N.
(compiler). Pechatnyj Dvor, Volgograd, 2019, 60 pp., paper book.

About this edition

Catalog of Elena Sivishkina’s exhibition “The Blue Horsewoman of the Yellow Steppes” (Volgograd, 2019), presenting the artist’s paintings created in the last two decades.

The works of Elena Sivishkina are metaphorical and transcendent, they are about emotional vibrations that are above real experience, about natural phenomena and related events in human life. Her supersensible beginnings, her pantheism make up the peculiarity of her work – the world of Lena Sivishkina.

Album includes 53 color reproductions and an introductory article by the art critic Lyubov Yakhontova.


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