Invented portraits and distant landscapes

Watercolors by Petr Zverkhovsky
Virtual Exhibition
20.04. - 01.07. 2022

About this exhibit

Exhibition of Petr Zverkhovsky’s watercolors in virtual space. There are cities and countries visited (or not visited) by the artist and portraits of people whom he knew closely or just imagined. What, in his case, is almost the same.

Petr Zverkhovsky constantly surprised. His work is a combination of European finesse and pictorial artistry. People, houses, rivers in his paintings – this is a unique and wonderful world of a great master.

Nikolay Malygin

The exhibition “Invented portraits and distant landscapes” is a part of the Petr Zverkhovsky Year project, held by the Seven Winds Foundation in 2022. The exhibition includes twenty-one watercolors from the early 2010s.

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