Kamyshin plein-airs in drawings and photographs by Stanislav Azarov

Nikolsky Cathedral of Kamyshin
02 - 30 08.2020

About this exhibit

Personal exhibition of plein-air works and photographs by Stanislav Azarov in the Nikolsky Cathedral of Kamyshin.

Most of the presented works are made with a marker and watercolor or acrylic paints. A series of experimental works combines the monotype technique and photography – in these works, a photograph is used as a printing plate. A pale background is created on paper using the monotype technique, after which a photograph is printed on the second layer. The print is soaked in a mixture of solvents, and only after that it enters the etching machine.

In the selected scenes, the artist makes the viewer look at what we usually pass by without paying attention: the old Kamyshin houses, which harbor the comfort of an irretrievably lost “old world”, attract with calm simplicity and “faces with an uncommon expression”. They do not look like one another like the current high-rise buildings. The artist is attracted by whimsical artifacts, old industrial buildings, the rhythmic elegance of the masts of yachts standing at the pier, and the whole world that is “slightly” to the side of the stream of fast-flowing modernity.

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Exhibition curators

Alexiy (Kuznetzov)
Alexiy (Kuznetzov)
Alexiy (Kuznetzov)
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Exhibition partners

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral of Kamyshin