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Stanislav Azarov

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Stanislav Azarov. Photo of the artist
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About the artist

Stanislav Azarov (1977) is a contemporary graphic artist and painter who lives and works in Volgograd, Russia. He earned a Diploma in Printed Graphics from Volgograd State Pedagogical University (1999).

Since 2000 he has been working as an independent artist, engaged in various printing and painting techniques, art-performances, decorating the interiors of public spaces and teaching. Azarov’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Russia, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Finland, USA, Italy and Great Britain.


Graphic works by Stanislav Azarov are presented in a number of Russian and foreign galleries under a false name. Their authorship is attributed to Foma Jaremtschuk (or Foma Yaremchuk), and the artworks date back to 40-50 years of the XX century. The author (or authors) of this hoax are still unknown. Stanislav Azarov’s artworks were exhibited and sold without his knowledge.  This art hoax was investigated in detail by Mikhail Yashnov and Yulia Vishnevetskaya. An additional mythological dimension has arisen thanks to a series of stories by Solomon Kornzerstern (aka Mitya Zimin) about “the famous Abkhaz artist Stasyan Azaria” which have only an indirect relationship to the real Stanislav Azarov.



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