Petr Zverkhovsky. Mare Internum

The building of the former Central Department Store
02 - 08 09.2022
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About this exhibit

We are happy to announce an upcoming exhibition ‘Mare Internum / The Inner Sea of Petr Zverkhovsky’ opening this Friday, September 2nd!

The “Inner Sea” (Mare Internum) is one of the names of the ancient Mediterranean and, at the same time, the inner creative space of the artist himself. Troy, the Achaean Wars, the ancient heroes – Agamemnon, Orpheus, Cassandra and Sappho are woven by Zverkhovsky into a nonlinear semantic space that is much closer to Joyce and Sasha Sokolov than to school chronology. In all the ancient plots was written Zverkhovsky’s personal (hi)story. For the first time, visitors to the exhibition will get acquainted with a completely unexpected side of Zverkhovsky’s work – expressive and even grotesque images that take the artist’s perception out of the usual context. Please join us!

  • Concept: Denis Ozirchenko

Curators of the exhibition project

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Varvara Malygina
Varvara Malygina
Varvara Malygina

Exhibition partners

  • Volgograd State Mashkov Art Museum
  • culture.ru
  • Department of Culture of the Volgograd region