5 July 2018

Artworks from our collection donated to the State Russian Museum

Russian Museum’s leading researcher Alice Lyubimova and art expert Irina Bolotova, together with the art curator of our foundation Lyubov Yakhontova, selected several works by Volgograd artists Gleb Vyatkin and Pyotr Zverkhovsky for the collection of the Russian Museum.

Alice Lyubimova and Irina Bolotova have already visited the Volgograd Mashkov Museum, the artists’ workshops, now they are in the repository of the Seven Winds Foundation. Nikolay Malygin expressed his willingness to donate several works to the Russian Museum, and a discussion began between experts on which works would be selected.

“The collection of the Russian Museum presents works of both official and unofficial contemporary art – before the collapse of the Soviet Union, this confrontation was obvious, much was determined by the official recognition and the artist’s relationship with the authorities. When forming a collection, we take into account everything” – said Alice Lyuimova – “all artistic trends, all directions. But the main thing is that we try not to miss a real talent. Unfortunately, a real talent does not always know how to present itself … At the selection level, the museum today is inundated with offers, which, of course, I immediately want to refuse. However, you have to interact and respond to emails… We are amazed at the number of artists who do not understand their place in the art world, let’s say. They don’t understand the level of the Russian Museum. And in this obsessive flow, you are especially afraid to miss the genius. I also want to emphasize that the selection process does not depend on the opinion of one person or even several specialists. The museum has a commission that approves each proposal. It’s a very responsible decision – the inclusion of the artist’s work in the collection of the State Russian Museum! What we choose remains for centuries!”

“In my opinion,” Irina Gennadyevna Bolotova enters into the conversation, “the works of Gleb Vyatkin and Pyotr Zverkhovsky have already been tested by numerous exhibitions in different countries, the presence in galleries, the interest of collectors… The artist himself, as a rule, cannot evaluate his works. Something turns out better, something does not work out … It is generally a mystery why one picture affects you, and the other does not touch you in any way. There must be a professional intermediary between the artist and the museum. I personally saw the paintings of these artists for the first time a couple of decades ago in Moscow at prestigious exhibitions. The Seven Winds Foundation has done a lot for artists – these are exhibitions and wonderful art albums. Otherwise we wouldn’t have seen what they create in their workshops!.. Of course, the path to recognition was not easy for any artist – at any time. However, the situation in Russia today is special due to the fact that there is absolutely no growth system, selection criteria… In theory, this could be done by art galleries. But this is a huge selfless work, because it is very difficult for the galleries to survive in a situation, when works of art are considered a luxury for most Russians… This is a very interesting, but separate topic for conversation.”

Lyubov Yakhontova, Alisa Lyubimova and Irina Bolotova


The Seven Winds Foundation received a Letter of Thanks from the Director of the State Russian Museum, Vladimir Alexandrovich Gusev. The head of the State Russian Museum informs us that six paintings by Gleb Vyatkin and Petr Zverkhovsky are included in the museum collection of the XX-XXI centuries. Special thanks in his letter goes to the founder of the Seven Winds Foundation, Nikolai Malygin, for the constant support of talented and original Russian artists.