9 March 2019

Between modernism and pop art

Musical performance by Evgeny Zabaznov and Dmitry Arutyunov

A musical performance by Yevgeny Zabaznov and Dmitry Arutyunov entitled “Between Modernism and Pop Art” was held in the exhibition hall of the Mashkov Museum. The name was determined by two exhibitions: on the first floor – a personal exhibition of Elena Sivishkina, on the second – an exhibition of pop art.

Museum visitors became participants in a bright creative event: a synthesis of industrial music, improvisational jazz and paintings. Behind the “industrial organ” is Evgeny Zabaznov, a representative of industrial music. At the piano – a wonderful pianist, music professor, author of the book “Spontaneity in Jazz Improvisation” Dmitry Arutyunov.

Cosmic hums and groans emitted by Evgeny Zabazny’s instrument, organically framed by Dmitry Arutyunov’s piano graces, perfectly fit into the space of Elena Sivishkina’s exhibition, evoking associations with the luminous works of Alexander Scriabin – Prometheus, Poem of Fire. When Arutyunov’s piano took the lead, the technical sounds of the “industrial organ” evoked the sounds of a typewriter in Eric Satie’s Typewriter Concerto with Chamber Orchestra and Leroy Anderson’s “Typewriter Piece and Orchestra”.

In summary, we can say that the synthetic experiment “Between Modernism and Pop Art” was successful and fully justified its name.