17 February 2023

Dictionary of the Azars

Print session with Stanislav Azarov and Alisa Kochkina

The Dictionary of the Azars project is not only an exhibition itself (that pleases us with the number of visitors and their sincere interest), but also a series of special events, meetings and lectures dedicated to the history of art books, the visualization of sign systems and various techniques of printed graphics. One of such events took place today, on February 17th – Stanislav Azarov and Alisa Kochkina printed linocuts (that became an integral part of one of the books presented at the exhibition), mini-etchings (included in the semantic field of another of them), told and showed the public how all this is done and gave fresh prints to the audience.

The next curatorial tours of the Dictionary of the Azars exhibition will take place on February 19 (beginning at 16:00) and February 26 (beginning at 11:30). Admission is free.