24 September 2015

Graphics by Valentin Justitsky in Volgograd Mashkov Museum

Dialogue between artist and book

The exhibition “Dialogue: Artist-Book” was opened today at the Volgograd Mashkov Museum of Fine Arts. This exhibition was prepared and implemented with the participation and support of the Seven Winds Charitable Art Foundation.

The exposition is compiled from the graphics collection of the Mashkov Museum (V. Favorsky, A.Goncharov, A. Samokhvalov, K. Rudakov, G. Epifanov, Yu. Petrov, Kukryniksy, F.Konstantinov) and graphics by Valentin Justitsky from the collection of the Seven Winds Foundation. For our foundation, this is a continuation of the series of Valentin Justitsky’s exhibitions, which was launched in the Saratov Pavel Kuznetsov House Museum in December 2014.

During this exhibit, we plan to organize workshops on illustration and various printed graphics techniques, as well as lectures and concerts. We will inform you about the dates of all events additionally.