20 August 2015

The return of the Artist

Exhibition of Nikolai Gushchin in Saratov

In the Saratov Pavel Kuznetsov Нouse (branch of the Radishchev Museum) opened the exhibition “Nikolai Gushchin. The Return“. The exhibition presents works by Nikolai Mikhailovich Gushchin (1888-1965) from the collections of the Radishchev Museum, the Seven Winds Charitable Art Foundation and the personal collection of N.E. Malygin, photographs and personal belongings of the artist. The exhibition is devoted to only one chapter of the amazing fate of a remarkable artist – the period of emigration and return to his homeland.

For the first time, the public will be shown several rare works by Gushchin from the 1930s acquired by Nikolai Malygin in Spain and Switzerland and returned to the artist’s homeland.

The exhibition will last until September 10th.