12 February 2022


Exhibition closing party

Stanislav Azarov’s Industrial Landscapes [INDA] exhibition is closed. All the presented works were sent to the converter for melting. Before this happened, the guests watched several documentaries and educational films produced by Shkolfilm of the USSR (“The device and operation of the open-hearth furnace”, “Metallurgy of cast iron and steel”, “Arc steelmaking furnaces”), listened to a lecture on “Urban and industrial landscapes from Fra Angelico to Stas Azarov” (Nikolay Malygin, Victoria Kharitonova) and got acquainted with several works by Stanislav, included in the series presented at the exhibition, but had not been presented to the public until that day.

As at the opening of this exhibition, we had virtual guests. This time, the owner and art curator of the Think+Feel Contemporary gallery, Silvia Lattova, was with us in telepresence mode.

After all that, the artworks went to the converter, and public went to the Lednik wine bar.

Thank you to everyone who was with us today!