15 July 2016

Paintings, graphics and installations by Boris Messerer

Exhibition opening

The opening of the exhibition “Boris Messerer Paintings, graphics, installations” took place in the Historical Building of the Radishchev Museum. This is a joint project of our foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Saratov State Radishchev Art Museum.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the artist himself, as well as Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts Konstantin Khudyakov, director of the Radishchev Museum Tamara Grodskova, President of the Seven Winds Foundation Nikolai Malygin and many other guests. After the grand opening, all those present were invited to the Petrovsky Hall of the Radishchev Museum, where Boris Messerer had a conversation with art historians and visitors, followed by a presentation of a specially published exhibition catalog.

The exhibition will last until August 21.