21 May 2016

Archaeology of Doubt in the Saratov Museum

Stanislav Azarov, Alexey Shilov and Mitya Zimin

The curatorial project “Archeology of Doubt” was opened in the Saratov House-Museum of Pavel Kuznetsov on May 21 at 19.00 as part of the All-Russian action “Night at the Museum”. The exhibition of three artists and a curator from Volgograd is a new experience of cooperation between the creative team, the result of which has already been embodied in the project “Achromatopsia: distillation of images”, presented to the Volgograd public in October 2015.

Where is the boundary between the original and the fake? Between falsification and historical fact? What is the power of imitation in the history of human destinies?

The presented exposition is a detailed dissection of both archeology (as a science) and the museum (as a social institution), and – in a general sense, is that reflection on the feeling of doubt, which has become now extremely valuable and symptomatic.

“The Archeology of Doubt” is a comprehensive project that combines contemporary art, new local history and the “museum of complicity”. Every visitor to the exhibition can try on the role of a Researcher: the exhibition catalog is collected by himself. This exhibition does not provide answers to the questions posed, but pushes the viewer to their independent, personal finding in an ambiguous interweaving of assumptions and uncertainty. Maybe by interacting with artifacts, viewers will be able to overcome the obsessive and sticky feeling of doubt?

Artists: Stanislav Azarov / Alexey Shilov / Mitya Zimin.

Curator: Anton Valkovsky.