Petr Zverkhovsky and Gleb Vyatkin

Exhibition in Kamyshin

An exhibition of Volgograd artists Pyotr Zverkhovsky and Gleb Vyatkin has opened in the Kamyshin Art Gallery today. Some of the works have already been shown to the public in Volgograd, Moscow, St. Petersburg, other russia cities and a number of foreign countries, and some of them will be presented in the project “Through Space and Time” for the first time.

This remarkable event was made possible thanks to the initiative of Nikolai E. Malygin and is reult of collaboration between Glass Financial Company, CJSC Kamyshin Glass Factory, Profit construction holding and the independent art-gallery ArtRA.

At the opening of the exhibition, art critic and art director of the ArtRa gallery Lyubov Yakhontova told visitors about the artists, the contribution Gleb Vyatkin and Peter Zverkhovsky made to Russian and global art, as well as about how and why this exhibition project was prepared special for the city of Kamyshin.