12 months of Vladislav Koval

T-ART in Kamyshin
30 October 2007

The Kamyshin Art Gallery hosted the opening of an exhibition of transforming artworks by the famous Volgograd artist Vladislav Koval. The public is presented with a polyptych 12 months, consisting of twelve canvases. This work is made (or assembled) in the author’s compositional technique, which the artist himself calls T-Art. All parts of the polyptych can be grouped into various semantic compositions, turned by 90, 180 and 270 degrees, which allows viewers to discover more and more new meanings enclosed in them by the author.

The exhibition became possible thanks to the initiative of Nikolai Evgenievich Malygin and the collaboration between FC Glass from Kamyshin and art-gallery ArtRa from Volgograd.