5 August 2022

In memory of Petr Zverkhovsky

Exhibition of works from private collections in the Volgograd Mashkov Museum of Fine Arts

In continuation of the events of the Year of Zverkhovsky program, on August 5, 2022, an exhibition of works by Petr Efimovich Zverkhovsky from private collections was opened in the exhibition hall of the Mashkov Museum (Chuikov St., 37). Many of the works presented will be shown for the first time, and perhaps only once, because. after the end of the exhibition, the works provided by collectors will return to their owners again. The exhibition includes works representing different stages of the creative path of the remarkable Volgograd artist – from the 70s of the last century to 2000-2020.

The exhibition is held by the Mashkov Museum and will be open to the public until September 11th.