12 August 2022

The Circle of Times and a Crack in the Sky

Opening of the exhibition at the Pavel Kuznetsov House-Museum

An exhibition of works by Stanislav Azarov, Tamara Shipitsina, Yulia Kartoshkina and Masha Ivanova – participants of the art project “Circle of Times and a Crack in the Sky”, has opened in the Pavel Kuznetsov House-Museum (a branch of the A.N. Radishchev Art Museum).

The expedition part of the project (a creative trip to the homeland of Velimir and Vera Khlebnikov and an open-air practice in the south of the Volgograd Region and in the Republic of Kalmykia) was conducted by the Seven Winds Foundation in May 2022. The exposition part of the project begins with this exhibition in the unusual space of the wooden attic of the House of Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov, organized by the Seven Winds Foundation together with specialists of the A.N. Radishchev SGHM – Olga Belskaya, Natalia Tarakanova and Olga Kostryukova.

The exhibition presents graphics, prints, paintings and photographs. The composition of the exposition space, in many respects, follows the principles of Khlebnikov’s synthetic super-story “Zangezi” and consists of independent parts – “planes”, “multicolored stones” and “equal words” of each of the art project participants. One of the exposition elements – colored flags (lung-ta), created by the non-random recomposition of the first edition of “Zangezi” from 1922; the semantic epicenter – the monument to Velimir Khlebnikov, created by the Kalmyk graphic artist and muralist Stepan Kimovich Botiev, installed in the open steppe not far from the village of Malye Derbety – the place where the chairman of the globe Velimir and his sister, the artist Vera Khlebnikov, were born.

We are very glad that our project aroused such genuine interest among the wonderful Saratov public and that it came to the opening of the exhibition. We are especially happy with the lively communication between the organizers of the exhibition and its visitors, which lasted until the museum closed. The curators of the art project Victoria Kharitonova and Nikolai Malygin told the audience about the interweaving of meanings and events that led them to organize such an unusual plein-air trip, how it all happened, what further development is planned for this project, answered questions and promised the public to organize several more special events before the end of the exhibition in Saratov.

The exhibition is held within the framework of the project “Museum-Laboratory. Pavel Kuznetsov’s House-Museum as a field for artistic experiment” and will last until September 18.

We are very grateful to everyone who was with us at opening of this exhibition, and especially to those who made this exhibition possible. Our special thanks go to Varvara Malygina, Stanislav Azarov, Olga Kostryukova and Natalia Tarakanova, who helped Victoria Kharitonova put the exhibition space together, despite the natural and man-made disasters that surrounded Pavel Kuznetsov’s House immediately before the opening day.