8 June 2021

Look who came!

Exhibition of young Volgograd artists

So, the exhibition “Look who came” is open! This is a new (and experimental) project of our foundation, in which Nikolai Malygin and Lyubov Yakhontova gathered five mono-expositions of five different artists in one exhibition space.

Graphics by Tamara Shipitzina, art photos by Vigen Avetisyan, paintings by Anastassia Danilenko and Ani Ayrapetian, as well as amazing paper applications by Dmitry Davlechin are presented to the public in the exhibition hall of the Volgograd Regional Children’s Art Gallery, the exhibition will last until June 30.

We are very grateful to everyone who came at the opening – you all created wonderful atmosphere. Our special gratitude goes to the rector of the Kazan Cathedral, Father Alexiy, who found surprisingly correct words about innovation and tradition, readiness to create and perceive new and not always ordinary things. His words placed everything in an additional and very deep context of human being.

For those who could not come to the opening and are going to visit the exhibition in the next days, we remind you of the address: Volgograd, Sovetskaya str. 26, Regional Children’s Art Gallery.

This information cannot be shown at this time for technical reasons. We are already working to make it all good again.