9 June 2021

Look who came!

Virtual exhibition

Next to the real exhibition in a real exhibition hall, we created a virtual exposition and placed the works of four participants of the exhibition project “Look who came!” — Anastassia Danilenko, Vigen Avetisyan, Tamara Shipitsina and Dmitry Davlechin – into the endless white space of the virtual Kunstmatrix.

In ordinary reality, the works of artists can be seen from June 8 to June 30 in the exhibition hall of the Volgograd Regional Children’s Art Gallery (Volgograd, Sovetskaya str. 26, entrance from the courtyard), in the virtual space the exhibition will last until the end of August and will be available to viewers anywhere.

As we were informed by the project participants themselves, placing their works in a virtual space gave them a new experience of perceiving their own works. We hope that other visitors will also be able to get new impressions.