8 October 2021

Вack side of the landscape

Meeting with Stanislav Azarov at the Tula Family History Center

Among other events held and attended by the Seven Winds Foundation in Tula and the Tula Region last week, a creative meeting / artist talk with artist Stanislav Azarov took place at the Tula Family History Center (a charming Scandinavian red house with white platbands and a cozy tiled stove inside).

Stanislav Azarov and Nikolai Malygin told the audience about the further development of the history of “Foma Jaremtschuk” after the exhibition “Stas Azarov. Not Foma. Not Jaremtschuk”, and also showed Stanislav’s famous art-books and several of his latest works.

Stanislav during his trip to Tula (as always) painted. The images included in this publication appeared in his album just on the day of this meeting.

This information cannot be shown at this time for technical reasons. We are already working to make it all good again.