2 September 2022

Petr Zverkhovsky. Inner Sea

Сatacomb exhibition opening

An unusual exhibition project opened in an empty building of the former Central Department Store of Volgograd – the catacomb / immersive exhibition The Petr Zverkhovsky’ Inner Sea.

This exhibit is catacomb – already because of the location itself, immersive – because each visitor of the exhibition goes on his own journey through the archipelago of Peter Efimovich Zverkhovsky’ antiquity. The guides in the journey are small islands of light, coastlines, sounds and constantly changing guides – and each of which will share their own interpretation.

We were very lucky to find a space that became not a background, but an integral part of the exposition itself. Crumbled marble, [pseudo]classical architecture, a mixture of epochs and styles, preserved elements of material culture of the late twentieth and early XXI centuries. All this is embodied entropy and timelessness, in which the first and most striking works of Zverkhovsky from his ancient cycle arose.

For the first time, viewers will be able to get acquainted with a completely unexpected side of Pyotr Zverkhovsky’s work — bright, expressive and even grotesque images that take the perception of this artist’s work out of the context familiar from previous expositions.

The exhibition is held jointly by the Seven Winds Foundation and the Volgograd Mashkov Museum of Fine Art and will last exactly one week, until September 8.

The exhibition is visited only by groups and accompanied by a guide at 14, 16 and 18 o’clock every day, with the exception of the opening day.