26 October 2020

Petr Zverkhovsky R.I.P.

[1942 - 2020]

With deep sorrow, we must inform you that on October 26, Petr Efimovich Zverkhovsky passed away. The artist who created amazing and bright worlds in his paintings, a great master and our very close friend, has left.

We could not write anything immediately after we were informed of the death of Petr Zverkhovsky – the employees of our foundation needed several days of silence. Just to realize what happened and feel the scale of the emptiness that has arisen.

Petr Zverkhovsky is no longer among us. His paintings and the picturesque worlds he created remained.

It is difficult to find the right words to express our condolences to the family and friends of Petr Zverkhovsky. We grieve with you, and we will remember with you. Everything.

Farewell will take place at 10 am on October 31 in the Volgograd Ritual Center (Volgograd, Zemlyachki St., 74), funeral – at 12.30 at the cemetery of the Krasnoarmeisky district.