9 November 2020

Stas Azarov's works in augmented reality

Paintings and objects

The reality of Stanislav Azarov’s artworks is extremely nonlinear and complex. But we decided to add additional layer to some of his works. We are actively experimenting with VR and AR technologies and their application in exposition and publishing practice and should not miss such an occasion as the exhibition “Stas Azarov. Not Foma. Not Yaremchuk”.

And we did it. Two works at this exhibition (Sledgehammer and Window) are available for viewing in AR mode using the ArtiVive app. If you look at these pictures through a smartphone / ArtiVive App, you will see what’s happening inside the images.

We were very pleased to see that these two works became one of the epicenters of attention at our exhibition and the cause of extraordinary network traffic. Augmented reality mode is also enabled on this page if you look at the images below using the ArtiVive app.

Stanislav Azarov. Sledgehammer (2007)
Stanislav Azarov. Window (2007)
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But, that’s not all. For this exhibition, together with Stanislav Azarov, we made limited series of three useful objects. The first two of them are T-shirts with original prints, and the third is a shopper bag the Elephants with augmented reality layer. This is the first tote, that can show docu and animated films from the Stanislav’s imaginary world.

The augmented reality mode on this bag is activated in the above way. All this artifacts can be purchased from the author.