9 October 2021

Gleb Vyatkin. Selected Works

Exhibition in Polenovo

A new season of exhibition projects of the Seven Winds Charitable Foundation has arrived. On October 9, at the V.D.Polenov Museum-Reserve, we present the exhibition “Gleb Vyatkin. Selected works”, which will present the artist’s paintings from the collection of our foundation.

Gleb Vyatkin himself wanted to hold this exhibition in Polenovo, and the project was already at the stage of discussions and approvals, but in the spring of 2021 Gleb Vyatkin passed away. Therefore, the organization of this exhibition has become an honorary duty for the Seven Winds Foundation and has become a tribute to the memory of a wonderful artist and a close friend of our foundation.

Tarusa and the V. D. Polenov museum-reserve is one of the centers of the artistic life of Russia at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, associated both with Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov himself and with Konstantin Korovin, Igor Levitan, Mikhail Nesterov, Egishe Tadevosyan, Ilya Ostroukhov, Alexander Golovin and many, many other creators of broad recognized and timeless Russian art culture. This is a very right place to show the works of Gleb Mikhailovich Vyatkin.

We are very grateful to the artist’s widow, Natalya Moiseevna Vyatkina, who was able to come to the opening. Our special thanks go to the family of wonderful musicians – Inna, Leonid and Varya Zemlyany, whose music made the opening of this exhibition absolutely unforgettable.

The exhibition of paintings by Gleb Vyatkin from the collection of the Seven Winds Foundation is open until November 14.

This information cannot be shown at this time for technical reasons. We are already working to make it all good again.